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Breton Equity is a privately held, middle market asset based investment firm specializing in venture capital, corporate restructuring, and real estate private equity. Our holdings, which span North America, Europe, and Asia, include patents, trademarks, a multi-asset class commercial real estate and mortgage portfolio, biotechnology and defense technology firms.

Corporate Finance

Breton Equity makes both passive and active investments in companies with exceptional promise throughout the United States and Europe. Our recent investments include:

Regulon Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery and development of nanopharmaceutics in oncology based on liposome encapsulation platform technology. Its products include Lipoplatin, a liposomally encapsulated cisplatin for various cancer indications, including non-small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer; and Lipoxal, a liposomally encapsulated oxaliplatin for colorectal cancer. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Mountain View, California with operations in Europe and Asia.

Nucsafe is dedicated to providing the most reliable and highest performance scientific instruments to the nuclear safeguards industry and to the law enforcement  and federal agencies tasked with protecting public security and the common good. We endeavor to constantly improve our products with innovative solutions at competitive pricing

Real Estate

Breton Equity is a multi-asset class real estate investor, acquiring and financing transitional and stabilized real estate throughout the United States and Europe. Our recent transactions include:

Investment Parameters

Breton Equity offers bridge financing, Co-GP and LP equity investments across real estate asset classes throughout the United States and Europe. To discuss an investment opportunity, please contact us

Our investment parameters

Geography: North America, Western Europe, East Asia

Property Types: All Asset Classes

Investment Amount: Up to $100,000,000

Term: 1 to 10 years

IRR Target: 10% Minimum

Collateral: 100% Pledge of ownership

Reserves: Tax, Insurance and Replacement Reserves required

Sponsorship: Credit worthy individuals or entities with exceptional track record

Recourse: Non recourse, with standard “bad boy” carve outs


Breton Equity’s team of professionals offers business development and real estate capital advisory consulting services on a fee basis for exceptional investment opportunities.  For further information please contact us.

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